Uninstall ESF

ESF is provided both as a deb package and as an rpm.
To safely uninstall ESF from the system along with all its dependencies use the following commands.


Uninstallation of deb packages

Pay attention in using the purge sub-command instead of the remove sub-command.

sudo apt-get purge esf-*
sudo reboot
sudo dnf remove esf-*
sudo reboot

The uninstall procedure will generate a log file named kura_uninstall_<timestamp>.log in the /opt/eurotech/esf/log/ folder. The logs will also be appended to the systemd journal using the ESF syslog identifier, and it can be inspected using the journalctl -t ESF command.
Please note that if the platform does not use persistent storage for systemd journal, the logs in systemd journal will be lost after device reboot.