DynaPower UPS Service

ESF provides an easy way to manage UPS devices connected to the gateway using the web console. It implements the UPS Service, allowing the user to configure the UPS and retrieve its parameters and events.

DynaPower UPS Device

The following image shows the implementation of the UPS Service for the Dynapower UPS device.


When enabled, the service will poll at fixed rate all the relevant parameters from the DynaPower and publish them to a Cloud Platform using the selected Publisher. Moreover, the user can configure several parameters using the graphical interface.
Finally, the service collects all the events from the UPS (i.e. low battery, power supply off...) and publish them using the Diagnostics Service.

The following options are available:

  • CloudPublisher Target Filter : Specifies, as an OSGi target filter, the pid of the Cloud Publisher used to publish messages to the cloud platform.
  • Enabled : Allows to enable/disable the polling for UPS parameters and the collecting of the UPS events.
  • Polling Period : The period in seconds used to read the UPS parameters and publish them to the cloud platform.
  • Alarm Capacity Level : The battery alarm threshold in mAh. When the remaining battery capacity drops below this threshold the attached device will begin a controlled shutdown in UPS mode.
  • Warning Capacity Level : The battery warning threshold in mAh.
  • Restart Capacity Level : The minimum battery capacity in mAh required for the attached device to be powered up after a shutdown.
  • Restart Delay Time : The time in ms that the attached device must remain off after a shutdown.
  • Shutdown Delay Time : The time in ms between initiating a shutdown and actually cutting the power if the notification from the attached device that it is ready for power off is not received.
  • Poweroff Delay Time : The time in ms between receiving notification from the attached device that it ready for power off, and the power going off.
  • Shutdown Mode The shutdown behavior. UPS : shutdown will begin when the battery capacity falls below the Alarm Capacity Level. Safe Shutdown : shutdown will begin immediately after the input power is removed.