Data Service Message Publishing Backoff Delay

In order to have a finer control on the data flow, when a device reconnects to a remote cloud platform, ESF integrates into the Data Service a Backoff delay feature that limits the rate of messages sent.

This feature, enabled by default, integrates the Token Bucket concept to limit the bursts of messages sent to a remote cloud platform.

In the image below, the parameters that need to be tuned, in the Data Service, to take advantage of this feature:

  • enable.rate.limit - Enables the token bucket message rate limiting.

  • rate.limit.average - The average message publishing rate. It is intended as the number of messages per unit of time.

  • rate.limit.time.unit - The time unit for the rate.limit.average.

  • rate.limit.burst.size - The token bucket burst size.

The default setup limits the data flow to 1 message per second with a bucket size of 1 token.


This feature needs to be properly tuned by the System Administrator in order to prevent delays in the remote cloud platform due to messages stacked at the edge.

If not sure of the number of messages that your gateways will try to push to the remote platform, Eurotech suggests to disable this feature.