How to use the ReliaIO 10-12

The Eurotech ReliaIO 10-12 is an IO expansion module for the ReliaGATE 10-12. It offers 4 isolated digital inputs, 4 isolated digital outputs and 4 protected analog inputs. The com.eurotech.framework.reliaio package provides all the bundles, libraries and Drivers needed to exploit the features of this module.

Digital IOs

Once installed on the gateway, the digital IOs can be used with the ESF GPIO Driver. The new ReliaIO GPIOs will be available on the drop-down list of the resource name column when the module is attached to the device.


The Digital IO provided by the Driver are listed below. Note that their names are made with the pin names (printed in to the enclosure) with the RIO_ prefix.

  • Digital Output
    • RIO_DOUT1
    • RIO_DOUT2
    • RIO_DOUT3
    • RIO_DOUT4
  • Leds
  • Digital Input
    • RIO_DIN1
    • RIO_DIN2
    • RIO_DIN3
    • RIO_DIN4


The ReliaIO 10-12 does not support unsolicited inputs. So, selecting the listen button has no effect.

Analog Inputs

The aforementioned ReliaIO package provides also a Driver to manage the analog inputs. It can be installed following the usual instructions for instantiating Wire Drivers.


Once installed, it doesn't need any configuration. The corresponding asset can be configured as follows:

  • enabled: it allows to enable/disable the channel. If it isn't selected the channel will be ignored.
  • name: the channel name.
  • type: the channel type, (READ, WRITE, or READ_WRITE).
  • value.type: the Java type of the channel value. The value read by the Driver will be converted to the value.type. Conversely, in write operations the Driver will accept value of this kind.
  • listen: it is not supported for this kind of channel. Selecting it has no effect.
  • the name of the analog ports. They can be:
    • RIO_AIN1
    • RIO_AIN2
    • RIO_AIN3
    • RIO_AIN4