ReliaGATE 10-20

The ReliaGATE 10-20 is an industrial grade Multi-service IoT Edge Gateway that provides communications, computation power and a simplified IoT application framework for platform integration.

GPS Configuration

The -01 and -21 variants have an internal GPS. In order to use it form ESF, the Position Service configuration must be updated by setting the port parameter to 1-1.6 and gpsd must be disabled.

Ethernet Configuration

The default configuration of the Ethernet interfaces for a ReliaGATE 10-20 is the following:

Interface NameGateway LabelStatus
eth0ETH0Enabled for LAN - Static address with DHCP server
eth1ETH1Enabled for WAN - DHCP Client

Wireless Configuration

The ReliaGATE 10-20 has a WiFi interface, named wlan0.
By default, the interface is disabled.

Firewall Configuration

Following the ESF firewall configuration for the ReliaGATE 10-20:

PortProtocolPermitted NetworkPermitted Interface Name

Modem Support

In order to add cellular modem support to ReliaGATE 10-20 it is possible to use an external ReliaCELL 10-20 module. It is recommended to disable gpsd since it can interfere with ESF modem management logic.

Disabling GPSD

On EL 27, gpsd is active by default, it is recommended to disable it after ESF installation. In order to disable it is possible to execute the following command and then restart the gateway:

systemctl mask gpsd.service gpsd.socket

The service can be re-enabled by executing the following command and then restarting the gateway:

systemctl unmask gpsd.service gpsd.socket