Script Components

Introduction to the Script Components

The Script Components allow for performing more complex operations on the received Wire Envelopes using a JavaScript Engine.

Depending if the target device is running on Java 8 or Java 17, there are several components to choose from.

For devices running a JRE with Nashorn JS Engine (Java < 15), a Script Filter and a Conditional Component are provided:

The above components will run only on Java < 15 since the Nashorn dependency is not included in the DP. The two components are available in the Eclipse Marketplace as two separate entries. These components are deprecated as of Kura version 5.3.

The following components instead have the GraalVM™ JavaScript Engine included in the DP and therefore do not require a JRE with Nashorn JS Engine:

The input scripts for these components are not compatible with the Nashorn implementations Script Filter and Conditional Component. Both components are shipped as a single DP named Since the JS engine dependency is shipped along with the DP, these components will work on both Java 8 and Java 17 devices but the DP is bigger in size (~18,6 MB).