How to Use RS-485 Ports

The RS-485 communication is supported by the following devices:

  • ReliaGATE 10-11

  • ReliaGATE 10-12

  • ReliaGATE 10-20

  • ReliaGATE 20-25

  • BoltGATE 20-25

In general, the gateways are provided with serial ports that can work either as RS-232 or RS-485.
ESF supports this capability providing a bundle named RS485 Service that allows to control the RS-485 serial ports and, for example, switch between RS-232 and RS-485 modalities.

In the images below a screenshot of the RS485 Service configuration for the ReliaGATE 10-11:


and for the ReliaGATE 20-25:



In ReliaGATE 10-12, Eurotech advises to configure the serial port delay in a value in the interval [1..100] for both the serial delay.after and delay.before parameters