DynaCOR 44-11

The DynaCOR 44-11 is a versatile platform that offers a very balanced combination of computational performance, storage capacity and network bandwidth for in-vehicle workloads that include data acquisition and fusion, AI inference and data logging.

ESF Installer

ESF must be installed using the esf-generic_<version>_amd64.deb debian package (version with network management support) or esf-generic-nn_<version>_amd64.deb (version without network management support).

Ethernet Configuration

The default configuration of the Ethernet interfaces for a DynaCOR 44-11 is the following:

Interface NameLocationStatus
eno1Interface 7 in picture below.Enabled for WAN - DHCP Client

All other Ethernet interfaces are disabled by default.

Wireless Configuration

The DynaCOR 44-11 can have a wireless interface as a factory option. The wireless interface is disabled in default configuration. If present it is called wlp4s0.

 Firewall Configuration

Following the ESF default firewall configuration for the DynaCOR 44-11:

PortProtocolPermitted NetworkPermitted Interface Name

Modem Support

The DynaCOR 44-11 can have an internal cellular modem as a factory option. Modem support should be provided out of the box by ESF.

Journald Persistence

The systemd journal is stored on persistent storage.

 AIDE Intrusion Detection Configuration

The default AIDE configuration from section AIDE Intrusion Detectioncan be applied to this device, since the generic ESF profile is used, it may be necessary to add the exception described in the Note about NetworkManager section.

Watchdog Service

ESF Watchdog Service will not work out of the box due to the fact that the hardware watchdog device is managed by systemd by default. In order to be able to use ESF Watchdog Service, systemd must be manually configured not to open the watchdog device with the following change to /etc/systemd/system.conf:


A device reboot is requred for the change to take effect.