ReliaGATE 10-14

The ReliaGATE 10-14 is a Multi-service IoT Gateway that has been designed to deliver LTE and 2G/3G connectivity to industrial and lightly rugged applications.

GPS Configuration

The ordering codes from REGATE-10-14-35 to REGATE-10-14-37 have an internal GPS receiver provided by the modem, the ESF PositionService default configuration should work out of the box, modem GPS should be enabled in network configuration section.

Ethernet Configuration

The default configuration of the Ethernet interfaces for a ReliaGATE 10-14 is the following:

Interface NameGateway LabelStatus
eth0ETH0Enabled for LAN - Static address with DHCP server
eth1ETH1Enabled for WAN - DHCP Client

Wireless Configuration

The ReliaGATE 10-14 has a WiFi interface, named wlan0.
By default, the interface is disabled.

Firewall Configuration

Following the ESF firewall configuration for the ReliaGATE 10-14:

PortProtocolPermitted NetworkPermitted Interface Name

Modem Support

The variants from REGATE-10-14-35 to REGATE-10-14-37 have an internal modem, it should be supported by ESF out of the box.

## Tamper Detection

Reliagate 10-14 provides tamper detection support. This allows to device to generate an event if the external enclosure is removed or if the service panel is opened. See device manual for more details.

ESF provides a TamperDetectionService implementation that manages a persistent tamper status based on EL tamper events (see Tamper Detection for more information). The device is considered to be tampered by ESF after that a tamper event has been detected by EL, and until the user clears the tamper status.

The 10-14 TamperDetectionService also integrates with the DiagnosticsService:

  • The diagnostic service will publish the following tamper related messages:
    • An alert for each tamper event.
    • A new last_tamper_event_timestamp reporting the last tamper event timestamp provided by device RTC (see device manual for more details)



If the service panel must be open for maintenance, the operator should reset the tamper status in the Security -> Tamper Detection Web Console section, this requires the kura.admin permission.

Journald persistence

EL 27.0.0 uses in RAM journal
EL 27.1.0 uses persisted journal

Clock Service

Chrony-advanced option in Clock Service is only supported in EL 27.1.0

## Docker integration

Installing ESF on EL 27.1 will disable Docker by default, in order to use ESF Docker integration, Docker must be enabled manually with the following command, and then the gateway must be restarted:

systemctl enable docker.service docker.socket