APIs - Container Orchestration Provider Service

Java - API

The Container Orchestration Provider exposes an API that can be leveraged by other framework plugins. The following is an overview of how these APIs work together.


The ContainerOrchestrationService is used to directly communicate with the running container engine. It exposes methods for listing, creating, and stopping containers. This class utilizes an instantiated ContainerConfiguration object as a parameter for container creation.


The ContainerConfiguration class, allows you to define a container to create. Using the embedded builder class, one can define many container-related parameters such as name, image, ports and volume mounts.


The ContainerInstanceDescriptor class is used to describe a container that has already been created. This class contains runtime information such as the ID of the container.


The ContainerState is a class that exposes an enum of container states tracked by the framework.


The PasswordRegistryCredentials class stores password credentials when provisioning a container to pull from an alternative password-protected registry.


Container Orchestrator Inventory-V1 API

The Container Orchestration Provider exports an MQTT-Namespace API. This API can be used to manage containers via MQTT requests from external applications such as Everywhere Cloud. Please visit the Remote Gateway Inventory via MQTT documentation for more information.