These docs are for v5.0.0. Click to read the latest docs for v7.4.0.

Upgrade ESF

The ESF upgrader is an install script that allows the upgrading an existing ESF install, while keeping all the user preferences, scripts and snapshots.


In general, the ESF upgrade script allows switching from a certain version (for example x.y.z) to the next available minor (x.y+1) or micro (x.y.z+1) version.

In the case of different upgrade requirements, please keep in touch with your Eurotech sales representative for the quotation of a specific Professional Service.

Usually, the upgrade is minimal in terms of footprint, so it can be easily transferred using limited network connections (for example it can be generally transferred using a connection with bandwidth or data caps).

The ESF upgrade scripts are available at the following link, under the specific target version, in the System upgrade tab.


The ESF upgrade comes, generally, in the form of a .sh file that can be transferred and applied via EDC device jobs or can be transferred via VPN or USB key.
It can be applied to the target system by simply invoking the .sh file. The installer will safely perform the necessary upgrades and, at the end of the process, reboot the device. At the restart, the system will run an upgraded version of ESF.

If the upgrade process fails, the upgrade script will restore the previous status of the system and reboot the target device.


A log of the upgrade process is always available at /opt/eurotech/kura/log/