These docs are for v5.0.0. Click to read the latest docs for v7.4.0.


The ESF security enhancements improve upon the security features of ESF 3.1.x, increasing the levels of security and flexibility, and making easier for the developer to specify what the code running in an ESF instance can do.


To achieve this result, the security policy applied by ESF is no longer hard coded in the Security Manager; instead, it is externalised in a security.policy XML file.
This file contains the execution modality in which ESF has to run and the different policies applied by the framework.

This documentation will describe the concept of execution modality, describing the new

  • Development
  • Production

execution modalities and detailing the steps to be performed in the framework, in order to switch between them.

Furthermore, the next chapters will try to detail the new features added, providing step-by-step instructions on: