ESF DNP3 Driver 2.1.0 - Release

Release Date: December 2020


This update includes the following changes:

  • Added UDP support. See documentation for a description of the changed options.

The bundle uses the following dependencies:

  • opendnp3: DNP3 protocol library, Version 3.0.4
  • openssl: TLS library, Version 1.1.1f
  • Boost ASIO: Asynchronous IO library, Version 1.16
  • exe4cpp: Executor abstraction library, fb878a4
  • ser4cpp: Serialization library, 3c44973

Known issues/limitations:

    • This issue can cause connection problems and log flooding if the drivers receives UDP communication related ICMP errors.
    • See documentation for more details and possible workarounds.
  • Using UDP on Docker will not work if the UDP port is exposed using the -p docker run argument due to port/address translation.
  • The Master Driver currently supports at most one outstation per instance over UDP.


  • The bundle requires ESF 6.1.0+
  • This release is not compatible with ESF on Docker 6.1.X and previous versions
  • This release is not compatible with ReliaGATE 10-11

NOTE: The bundle is signed with a new Eurotech Leaf certificate for add-ons. Please check the following references to verify if an update to the security policy is needed in your gateway running in Production Mode.