ESF Cloud Connector for Exosite 1.2.0 - Release

Release Date: April 2021


This deployment package enables Eclipse Kura or ESF to connect with the Exosite cloud platform.

New and Noteworthy

This is the first official release for the ESF Cloud Connector for Exosite and supports:

  • Sending and receiving data to and from the Exosite platform
  • Receiving commands from the Exosite platform
  • Sending and receiving Exosite channel maps

The bundle uses the following dependencies:

  • org.eclipse.paho.client.mqttv3 v1.2.5

Known issues/limitations



The bundle requires ESF 6.1.0+.

NOTE: The bundle is signed with a new Eurotech Leaf certificate for add-ons. Please check the following references to verify if an update to the security policy is needed in your gateway running in Production Mode.