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Everyware Software Framework (ESF) is an enterprise-ready IoT Edge Framework distributed and supported by Eurotech. Based on Eclipse Kura, the open source Java/OSGi middleware for IoT gateways, ESF adds provisioning, advanced security, remote access, diagnostics monitoring. It supports ready-to-use field protocols (including Modbus, OPC-UA, S7, FANUC, J1939, J1979, BACnet, IEC 60870-5-101, IEC 60870-5-104, DNP3, M-bus), MQTT connectivity, and a web-based visual data flow programming to acquire data from the field, process it at the edge, and publish it to IoT Cloud Platforms. ESF features full remote device management through its integration with Everyware Cloud, Eurotech’s IoT Integration Platform.

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DynaGATE 10-06

The DynaGATE 10-06 is a multi-service IoT Edge Gateway that has been designed to deliver LTE connectivity with 2G/3G fallback to automotive and lightly rugged applications.

GPS Configuration

The ordering codes from DYGATE-10-06-32 to DYGATE-10-06-37 have an internal GPS receiver, the ESF PositionService default configuration should work out of the box.

Ethernet Configuration

The default configuration of the Ethernet interfaces for a DynaGATE 10-06 is the following:

Interface NameGateway LabelStatus
eth0ETH1Enabled for LAN - Static address with DHCP server
eth1ETH2Enabled for WAN - DHCP Client

Wireless Configuration

The ordering codes from DYGATE-10-06-32 to DYGATE-10-06-37 have an WiFi interface, named wlan0.
The default ESF configuration enables the Wi-Fi interface of the DynaGATE 10-06.
This interface is Enabled and configured in Access-point mode

Firewall Configuration

Following the ESF firewall configuration for the DynaGATE 10-06:

PortProtocolPermitted NetworkPermitted Interface Name

Modem Support

The variants from DYGATE-10-06-34 to DYGATE-10-06-37 have an internal modem, it should be supported by ESF out of the box.

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DynaGATE 10-06

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