ESF 5.1.0 - Release

Eurotech, a long-time leading provider of embedded systems and a global leader in Internet of Things (IoT) enablement, announces a new release of Everyware Software Framework (ESF). ESF Release 5.1, based on the recently announced Eclipse Kura 3.1 release, offers a commercially supported, enterprise ready edition of the open source middleware for IoT gateways and edge computing nodes.

Release Notes

Added Features:

  • Scheduled Reboot service: when configured, allows to reboot the gateway based on a
    temporal basis specified by a cron expression
  • RPMs: This release will provide RPM packaging for all the supported platforms.
  • Diagnostic bundle: included in all system distributions
  • H2 Databases: This release will see the switch from HSQLDB to H2. This migration will allow
    for a number of performance improvements as well the ability to maintain multiple database instances.
  • REST API for Kura Drivers and Assets: To allow more flexibility, REST endpoints will be
    added to Kura for interacting with the Kura Drivers and Assets instances.
  • Embedded Artemis Broker: The addition of the Apache Artemis Broker will extend Kura's
    messaging functionality.
  • BLE via TinyB: To improve the reliability of BLE, Kura will switch to the TinyB library
    to support BLE via Bluez.
  • Wires Functional Logic: To extend the usability of Wires, this release will
    include Functional Logic Wire Components. This will allow the use of plain JavaScript
    inside a Wire component.
  • Web UI Update: A new UI element will be added for managing and editing Drivers and Assets.
  • S7 Industrial Protocol: A new driver will be added to the Eclipse Marketplace to support S7.
  • BLE/SensorTag: A new driver will be added to the Eclipse Marketplace to support BLE on
    the TI SensorTag.
  • MQTT publish rate improvement: A limit parameter will be added to the MQTT transport service to allow throttling of MQTT messages to prevent unnecessary congestion on the MQTT broker.
  • Connection Monitor: A connection monitor will be introduced to the DataService to further
    improve connectivity reliability.
  • BoltGATE 20-25 support.
  • Terminal Services: Multiple instances, XON/XOFF support and extra low level options for socat.


  • ESF v5.1.0 does not introduce API breakage with previous releases.
  • This release does introduce a new set of APIs for TinyB for interacting with BLE devices.
    Support for previous BLE APIs will still be present and functional.
  • In ESF v5.1.0 it is possible to instantiate a Driver instance from the Drivers and Assets
    section or from Wire Composer only if the following requirements are met:
    • the Driver implementation class must implement the following interfaces:
      • Driver
      • ConfigurableComponent or SelfConfigurableComponent
    • the Driver must provide a component definition xml file that advertises that
      the interfaces mentioned above are provided and that sets "required" as configuration policy.
      It is advisable to update the deployment packages of non compliant drivers if needed.
      It is still possible to instantiate non compliant drivers using the "+" button under "Services".

Target Environments:

  • ESF supports the following Devices:
    • ReliaGATE 10-05;
    • ReliaGATE 10-11;
    • ReliaGATE 10-20;
    • ReliaGATE 20-25;
      • Support for Bluetooth 2.1 is not available since Eurotech Linux version 22.0.0
    • ReliaGATE 20-26;
    • BoltGATE 20-25;
      • Support for Bluetooth 2.1 is not available
    • Raspberry Pi 2;
    • Raspberry Pi 3;